I'm the leader of a language development program based on the support of multilingual learners through practices which ensure culturally responsive teaching and equitable access.

    I’m a collaborator and coach who empowers educators to create learning opportunities to suit all language learners' needs.

    I’m an innovator who effectively integrates digital tools and contemporary practice of 21st century skills that enhance learning across all divisions for all multilingual learners.

    My pronouns are she · her · ella


    I believe it is our responsibility as educators to be advocates for the learning of all students by ensuring culturally responsive, equitable access to our schools' curriculum.


    ISS DEIJ Learning to Action Institute

    Online | March 2023

    CEESA Speaker Series

    Online| November 2022

    DEI Exchange 2022

    Incheon, South Korea | October 2022

    One Day Workshop @ Chadwick International School

    Songdo, South Korea | September 2022

    CIS I-DEA Workshop

    Online | September 2022

    ESF Learns 2022

    Online | August 2022

    AILOC Summer Institute

    Online | June 2022

    Kognity Engage Conference

    Online | February 2022

    AIELOC & WOCELT Conference

    Online | November 2021

    Translanguaging: Designing Equitable Multilingual Spaces

    Online | September 2021 · November 2021

    Language Equity: Redefining our Language Learning Practices to Empower MLS

    Singapore (Online) | November 2020 · February 2021

    21st Century Learning Online Conference

    Hong Kong (Online) | January 2021

    UTIS Online Conference

    Iceland (Online) | September 2020

    Learning2 Asia Conference

    Nanjing, China | October 2019

    21st Century Learning Conference

    Hong Kong | March 2019

    KORKOS International Educator Conference

    Seoul, South Korea | November 2018

    CISGZ Educator's Conference

    Guangzhou, China | November 2018

    EdTech Team Shekou Summit

    Shenzhen, China | September 2018

    reThinking Learning Conference

    Singapore | May 2018

    ELLSA Conference

    Singapore | March 2018

    21st Century Learning Conference

    Hong Kong | January 2018
    Photo Credit @kristinziemke

    reThinking Literacy Conference

    Singapore | May 2017

    EdTech Team Shekou Summit

    Shenzhen | September 2017

    The iPad Conference

    Singapore | November 2016

    reThinking Literacy Conference

    Singapore | April 2016

    21st Century Learning Annual Conference

    Hong Kong | February 2016

    SIS EAL Conference

    Shenzhen, China | November 2014

    ELLSA Conference

    Bangkok, Thailand | November 2013

    Create Conference

    Shenzhen, China | March 2013

    ACAMIS EAL Conference

    Shenzhen, China | April 2013

    Transforming Learning with the iPad

    Shenzhen, China | February 2013
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    A close look into my content creation, reflective practices and professional collaborations

    AIELOC Latinx Educators & Leaders in International Education Webinar

    April 2022

    L2 Take the Stage Podcast Episode

    November 2021

    The Power of Teams Learning Together: CoachBetter Podcast

    Ho Chi Minh City | May 2021

    Creating Augmented Reality Word Walls

    Tutorial linked here | Saigon South International School | April 2021

    Creating Multilingual Learning Spaces

    Saigon South International School | March 2021

    ADE Reflection Video

    Saigon South International School | December 2019

    Learning2 Talk; Language Equity

    International School of Nanjing | October 2019

    Learning 2: How does podcasting impact student learning?

    International School of Nanjing | October 2019​

    Learning 2: Extended Session Preview

    International School of Nanjing | October 2019​

    ISS Best Showcase: Authentic Storytelling

    August 2019

    ADE Application Video 2019

    February 2019

    COETAIL Alumni Webinar

    November 2018

    TIME2 (Technological Impact Museum & Exhibit) Project

    March 2017

    ADE Application Video 2017

    March 2017

    TIME (Technological Impact Museum & Exhibit) Project

    March 2016

    ADE Application Video 2105

    January 2015

    EAL Conference Summary Video

    November 2014

    COETAIL Course 5 Project

  • Flipgrid Ambassador

    I am a champion of #studentvoice and use @Flipgrid as a platform to amplify learning.

    Google Certified Educator

    Currently training for Level 2 and becoming more versed in Google Tools for Education

    Microsoft Innovative Educator

    I have earned the designation for educators who are passionate and committed to empowering learning through technology in their classrooms.

    Selected for the Apple Distinguished Educator program

    April 2019

    ISTE Certification

    Phase 1

    Successfully completed the first significant portion of the ISTE Certification for Educators journey and I'm now eligible to begin work on the next major phase: Curating my ISTE Certification portfolio.


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